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Thank you so much for the Daddy's Gourmet Cookies. They might more appropriately be named "vanishing" cookies since they only lasted 3 days. Our assessment some of the best cookies we have ever tasted.

Good stuff - had a few cookies at the Chivas USA Party. Best ever!


Daddy’s Gourmet Cookieswas officially born out of economic recession, ie., the loss of my job as an IT professional and the opportunity for a career change. More importantly, it was the result of me simply being obedient to a vision to serve others. From that vision, the idea to create quality cookies and decadent treats that everyone could enjoy took on life, that life was, Daddy’s Gourmet Cookies.

I started baking cookies for my daughter about 9 years ago to celebrate her birthday, which I found to be very relaxing, not to mention the cookies were quite delicious. After that I would frequently bake cookies for her and my son for various events, fundraisers, friends, family, and just because we love to eat cookies too. Hence the nameDaddy’s Gourmet Cookies! A name which my wife brilliantly suggested and one that seemed very befitting.

And although baking is a family tradition, I would be remiss if I did not give honor to my mother who is an excellent baker and thankfully passed along the bakers gene.

Over the years my recipes and processes have been modified and perfected to bring you today’s current menu of gourmet cookies and other delectable treats.

Our Process

Daddy's cookies are made by hand, from scratch using only the finest, all natural ingredients in all of our products. We never use artificial flavors or preservatives. All of our cookies contain combination of butter, whole fresh eggs, sugar, pure vanilla, flour, salt, a variety of chocolate chips, and some contain nuts.

Each batch is made with care and quality standards to ensure cookies are consistently delicious. Batches are mixed daily in small quantities and are hand-scooped to give you the best possible cookie you deserve.

Our Vision

Our vision, goal and commitment are to offer you the finest, freshest, highest quality, cookies that create an experience that you will want to repeat. We want you thinking of your next cookie before you finish the one in your mouth!